Top 10 Reasons We Love Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is a really cool, unique little island.  Below is our top 10 list of why we love it so much (in no particular order).


1. Northside Beach. Gorgeous. Incredibly kid friendly. At average tide, it's only 2' deep 1/2 mile from shore with no surf. You can let your kids roam up and down the beach and in the water while you are engrossed in a good book.


2. Really Kid Friendly. It's the kind of place where you can let your kids run out the door at 8:00 AM and not worry at all about them all day long.


3. People. So friendly and helpful. Really, really friendly and helpful.


4. Restaurants. There's not a ton of them, but they are all good.


5. Cool Island Culture. Spanish Wells was an isolated 17th century English settlement and that small town English culture and self sufficiency remains to this day, and it has mixed in really well with the more traditional Bahamian culture. It's a very prosperous island with little to no poverty.


6. Weather. It seems like it's always 80 and sunny with a nice ocean breeze.


7. Surprisingly Easy to Get To. 40 minute flight from Miami (90 from Atlanta), 10 minute taxi from the airport, 5 minute boat ride, and bam, you are here.


8. Everything Just Works. This list isn't ranked in any order of importance, but if there was a #1 draft pick, this would be it. Unlike a lot of remote islands and tropical areas, Spanish Wells really has its act together. Here's a short list things that "just work" on the island (and if you've spent much time in remote areas, you'll appreciate how nice this is). The electricity works, city water works, cell coverage is great, internet is fast and reliable, cable works, the grocery store is good, the pharmacy is great, trash gets collected 2-3 times a week, roads are nice, the health clinic is reliable, people show up on time, the ferries are reliable, there's no crime, and stores are open when they say they'll be open.  And if something breaks, it quickly gets fixed. It's basically an extremely well run small town.


9. Not Touristy. There are no hotels or resorts or condos on the island, so it keeps the number of tourists to a minimum. Actually, there are no buildings over two stories high on the entire island and visitors all rent houses. It's also not a party scene. Once the sun goes down, the tiny bars at the Shipyard, Wreckers, and Budda's are about the only places still open.


10. Fantastic Boating, Fishing, and Diving. The small chain of islands (Spanish Wells, Russell Island, and Royal Island) provide excellent reef fishing, deep sea fishing, spear fishing, diving, and snorkeling, all a very short boat ride from the Spanish Wells Marina.  The proximity of these activities is very unique to the island. If you love being on the water, this is a great place to be.